Can you stay without your smartphone? No right! This growing dependency on technology urges further innovations and what is happening right now is the extension of what we have achieved so far in terms of technology.

2019 was the year of some unique wearable technologies which had the scope to improve our everyday life. Companies like Google and Apple came up with some cool concepts. We saw smartwatches and wristbands which can even monitor the heart rate, keep calorie count, and track diet. Then came the concept of fitness socks from Heapsylon, which gives us information about podiatric data.

Despite the launch of these coolest gadgets and the involvement of tech giants such as Google and Samsung into wearable, the technology still hasn’t gone mainstream. The capability has been around for years, but there are physical and design barriers that are holding wearable back. There is a high level of confusion about which tasks are best suited for existing devices versus which are best suited for the wearable. Smartwatches are a classic example of this limitation. For many checking emails on a 1.5- inch watch face is not as appealing as a 5- inch screen of a smartphone. Device makers need to convince people that their product is worth putting on their face and wrist.

Wearable technology needs to solve problems and perform tasks that are not solved already by the dozens of larger, faster, and proven devices in existence. So what’s in our basket for 2020? Get ready to experience some of the craziest technologies with the expected launch of these 5 wearable gadgets!

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