These days we all are pretty much glued to our phones. An average person spends 144 minutes per day on the internet, mostly on social media. Good internet connectivity has become a basic human necessity. Thus, companies are constantly innovating in this space trying to bring us convenient and faster connectivity. Today let’s talk about one such device which has been gaining popularity in this space, MiFi.

Mifi advantages and disadvantages

What is MiFi and How Does it Work?

MiFi is used to refer to a mobile hotspot device that can connect and provide internet connectivity to several devices at once. MiFi also refers to brand names registered in several countries like the USA and UK by companies that sell such devices. A MiFi is basically a router that works via a mobile connection, for example, a sim card. This allows it to be portable. It creates an ad hoc WLAN network that allows several devices to connect with it at once. It can tether to any device which is Wi-Fi enabled.

Is MiFi Better Than Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi allows wireless connection to other devices using a fixed cable connection. It is a stationary hotspot in areas like offices and homes. MiFi, on the other hand, creates a hotspot wherever it is carried. So, if you are someone who travels a lot or even needs connectivity while traveling then MiFi is the perfect solution for you.

How Much Does a MiFi cost per month?

MiFi plans vary depending upon which part of the world you are in. In the USA, Verizon offers plans which start as low as 1 GB a month for $15. AT&T packages start from 10 GB a month for $50. Be sure to check out the service providers and plans in your area to select the best plan to suit your needs.

MiFi: Advantages and Disadvantages?

While MiFi sounds like a good technology, it has its ups and downs as well. I’m listing few of the advantages and disadvantages linked with MiFi here:

Advantages of MiFi

  • It lets you have an internet connection anywhere. If you are a regular traveler, then this is perfect for you!
  • You can connect 5-10 devices to the internet using this
  • These devices are lightweight and small and hence carrying them is no issue at all
  • If you travel abroad, you should go for a MiFi that is geographical restriction-free and allows you to insert a sim card of any telecom company. This way you can utilize local networks that offer the best connectivity.
  • MiFi plans are better and more flexible than mobile phone data plans
  • Using a MiFi instead of our mobile phones to create a hotspot allows us to save the battery life of our phones. MiFi devices have good battery life.

Disadvantages of MiFi

  • The speed of the internet connection depends on the cellular data signal strength
  • When more devices connect the speed gets reduced and the battery drains faster

Does MiFi Work Without Cell Service?

A MiFi taps into the cellular network (Example: 3G or 4G LTE) to create a wireless hotspot. So, if the phone network that the MiFi uses is not available in that area then the device won’t be able to work.

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Does MiFi Use Data?

MiFi uses cell data to create a local Wi-Fi for you. The devices connected to your MiFi would show Wi-Fi (not cell data) but your MiFi device would be using cell data.

I hope this article has cleared all your confusions regarding what MiFi does and its uses. Now that you know what this device is all about, you can understand if you need it and what type and plan you should go for as well!

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